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May 6, 2013
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The day was beautiful. Cherry blossoms bloomed in the yard, a light breeze scattering some on green grass and landing in a small koi pond. The fish jumped and swam to the landing petals, thinking it was food, but were quickly bored and left. The forest around the small house was swaying lightly.

Despite the beautiful scenery, not all was well in the Honda household. Kiku was a young man, honorable to his family. Many young girls liked him but he didn’t like any of them back. His parents thought it was time for him to remove is bachelor status.

Kiku walked through the paper screen doors, looking curiously at the people kneeling at the small table. His parents were laughing along with a pretty young girl. She wore a light pink kimono decorated with golden flowers and a light blue waist band tied in a bow in the back.

“Oh Kiku!” His father smiled, “Meet Ai.”

Kiku bowed slightly and moved to sit across from the girl. She smiled at him, moving a black strand of hair behind his ear, “It is a pleasure to meet you, I have heard much about you.”

He nodded. “Hello, I am looking forward to knowing you.” He wasn’t thrilled at all though. He wished his parents had stopped inviting girls over.

“Kiku,” his mother smiled happily, “We have great news!”

“What is it mother?” He questioned.

It seemed as if she couldn’t contain herself. “We have an arranged marriage for you and Ai!”

Kiku blinked. He then smiled crookedly, trying to keep himself from shouting in anger, “That is wonderful.” His parents seemed delighted. Ai smiled at him, malice hiding underneath.


Ai and Kiku were married now, living together in their own house for a month now. It was not what Kiku wanted. He wasn’t happy here at all. Ai kept advancing on him but he pushed her away each time. Now was one of those times.

Ai pushed Kiku through the bedroom doorway, “Come one Kiku baby, just once. Please for me?”

“N-No!” He said instantly. He didn’t love her at all.

She walked forward, slipping a sleeve off one shoulder, and forcing Kiku to move back towards the bed. “I’m your wife!” She whined, “Let me have this! Lust is shared between those married! Don’t you want kids?!”

Kiku kept his mouth shut. The last time he answered that question he got slapped. Ai pushed him and he fell down on the bed, he winced slightly on impact. She kneeled over him, legs apart over his crotch.

“I’ve been patient for long enough!” She nearly yelled. “We’re doing this now!”

She tore her kimono off and Kiku’s cheeks flushed bright red. He tried directing his gaze to her face, riddled with determination. She tore open his robe and he kept in a small squeak. No! This isn’t what he wanted! She started to undress him.

Hi! You're confused yes? Sorry for the interruption (don't you dare skip over this!). It's come to my attention no one reads my descriptions. I work the hardest on those, not the story. I want you, yes you the reader, to go read the one on the America pasta and Russia pasta. Any more questions can be asked in the comments. Thank you!

Kiku suddenly grabbed her wrist. Ai looked to him shocked. “P-Please Ai,” He said quietly, “If we are to do this, let me undress myself.”

She smiled then, standing up now. “Good! Nice to see you man up!”

He smiled, standing up too. He pulled his robe around him again. “Please excuse me one moment.”

She smirked, ready for pleasure. “Take as long as you need.”

He bowed slightly and walked from the room all the way to the back room where miscellaneous things were kept. When he got to the room he sighed heavily, feeling slightly dirty. She had never gone that far before. He looked around the room. He spotted a box mounted on the wall.

Kiku didn’t like the idea but there was no other option. He walked to the box, undoing the latches. Inside the cool metal reflected his grim expression. He took the object out, handling it gracefully. He had never used it but it was used in his family as a sign of power.

He held it firmly, taking deep breaths. He knew others had chosen this fate and it was a great dishonorable blemish but what choice was there other than to suffer? He closed his eyes, ready for what was to come. What would he feel like? He dismissed the thought. He swiftly dug the katana into his flesh, right under his rib cage.

He let out a wheeze, pain attacking him instantly. He twisted it, causing a hurricane of pain within him. Tears pooled in his eyes. His knees gave way under him and he fell with a loud thud, gripping the sword still. He slowly took it out, dragging blood and guts with it.

I am forever sorry my family, he thought sorrowfully.

He heard footsteps rushing. Through blurred vision he saw the door open and Ai step in. She screamed. Kiku dug the katana back in him and felt it poke out his back side. He closed his eyes, mind drifting away.

Her name meant love but she only wanted lust.


“No stop it!” A young boy with raven black hair squeaked, wrapping his arms around himself.

Another boy with long black hair tied in a ponytail huffed. “I don’t get you! You won’t even let your big brother hug you!”

“I don’t want a hug,” the smaller replied quietly, he bowed slightly, “I am sorry.”
The older smiled slightly. “You should learn to open up more. And don’t say sorry so much!”

He bowed again, “I am sorry…”

“What did I say!?” The other nearly yelled at him.

The younger squeaked again, clamping his mouth shut. He was about to apologize again, but didn’t know why.

THE HETALIA THEORY BELONGS TO ~SailorInferno12908 READ IT HERE: sailorinferno12908.deviantart.…

Japan died in an unhappy forced marriage and committed seppuku (basically if you screwed up, SUICIDE!) This explains:
- His introvertedness
- His insecurity
- Why he apologizes often

Who liked my little message?! I hope you all read it. If you're reading this now comment. Seriously. You have no idea how much these descriptions mean to me. I really do work hard on these for you guys. It's like an after reading thingy like in school. Okay bad comparison. Anyway, I can seriously tell who reads this and who doesn't by the comments.


[EDIT] It's been like what, an hour? Two? Since I posted this and I'm thrilled with the responses! Thank you all so much! I love you all!
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