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[Now you can read along here! Reading done by angelhalo777]
[Read it here in German! Translated by the lovely alltimeOpheliac]


Alfred washed out his mouth, spitting brown water back into the bathroom sink. He glanced back at the toilet but decided against going back until after dinner.

He wiped his mouth and threw out the paper towel, missing the trash can. He sighed, picking it up again. As he bent over his sweat shirt hung as if it were three sizes too big but it wasn't. As he threw out the paper towel he grimly thought about the red sweatshirt hanging on his shoulders loosely. It had once fit him, but that was when he was fat. I'm still fat, he thought, having a strong urge to vomit.

"Alfred!" His mom called.

"Yeah mom?" He answered, forgetting about his weight for a moment.

She appeared in the doorway of the bathroom. "Can you walk to the store and pick up a gallon of milk? We just ran out."

He nodded, "Sure." There was a mini mart a block away so it would be a quick trip.

His mom handed him a twenty dollar bill. "If you're hungry feel free to buy something for yourself."

"Okay," he said taking the money, shoving it in his pocket. He wouldn't buy anything for himself to eat.

His mom smiled sadly, watching Alfred walk from the bathroom to down the hall. She couldn't help but look at his face every time they talked. His cheeks were sunken in and hollow, she knew he had lost weight but couldn't tell how much under his sagging clothing. She wanted to say something but didn't know how and it didn't help his father hadn't noticed it.

Alfred went to his room, grabbing his coat. It was cold and snowing outside and he did not want to be cold. He put it on over his sweatshirt and put on his scarf and hat.

"I'll be back in ten," he called, heading out the door now.

He was hit with a chilling breeze and pulled his scarf up over his nose. He glared at the snow on the ground hatefully. I freaking hate the cold, he growled in his mind. The walk to the store was short and he was grateful the building had heating.

He grabbed a gallon of milk, the jug feeling like a hundred pounds in his hands. He looked at the sugary snacks around the store in colorful plastic. He desperately wanted to buy one. Just… one… He hesitantly grabbed a small package of cookies. He went to the counter, excitedly thinking about the cookies in his hand. He threw everything onto the counter, fishing the money from his pocket. He paid and left with the heavy bag in his hand.

Half way home he stopped, sitting on a bench. He grabbed the package of cookies and greedily ate them. He instantly regretted it. His stomach growled at him, demanding more food but he ignored it. He stood up, throwing the wrapper of the cookies into the waste bin next to the bench, and continued home.

He wanted to hit himself. How dare he eat those! He knew he would gain weight from it. He couldn't wait to go home to throw it up. He didn't care if his mom had just made dinner, he would do it. The thoughts of the cookies consumed his mind. He wanted to eat more but wanted to throw it all up.

The bag in his hand suddenly became heavier than it already was. He dropped it with a loud thud. He ripped his scarf away, instantly regretting it as coldness consumed his face and neck. He fell to his knees, not caring anymore, and shoved his finger down his throat. The snow on the ground instantly became a light brown but as he continued to vomit it became darker, darker until it became black in the moonlight.

Alfred was shaking, staring at the dark snow below him. He couldn't stop shaking, his weak arms barely holding him up in the snow. His glasses fell off into the dark snow. He picked them up with a trembling hand and brushed away his blonde hair, placing them on his face.

The glass was now a dark color, stained with the vomit in the snow. He glanced down the street. The street light cast through the glass, revealing the black color was actually red. Alfred blinked.

"No…" he whispered terrified.

His throat burned. His heart beat madly against his chest. What was happening?! He looked at the dark snow, now recognizing the reddish-brown color. It made him sick. He vomited again, this time from the sick thoughts and not because he wanted to.

He choked. Something was terribly wrong. He wanted to stop. He wanted to go home, give his mom the gallon of milk and eat and keep eating until his was full. Then go to bed without throwing up.

Something forced out of his throat again. The dark snow became darker. Thick red liquid dripped out of Alfred's mouth. There was nothing left in his stomach. How could this be happening? Where was this coming from?

He collapsed in the snow, face falling into the dark snow. He inhaled the ghastly smell, snow melting into his mouth and nose and eyes. He closed his eyes, regretting everything.


A small boy woke up. Where was he…?

It was a sunny field of tall grass and almost nothing else. In the distance he could hear a river. He stood up, brushing off his white gown with small chubby hands. His blonde hair moved with the breeze lightly.

He followed the river for what seemed like hours. He reached a town. He moved through the people on the streets, none of them noticing him, and hid behind a barrel as horses pulled a carriage through the streets.

In the seat of the carriage he saw a blonde man with thick eyebrows.

THE HETALIA THEORY BELONGS TO SailorInferno12908 READ IT HERE: sailorinferno12908.deviantart.…

Okay so if you don't know what's happening then the Hetalia Theory is that the nations were human, died, and the Hetalia world is purgatory. America had died of anorexia nervosa, which explains a lot actually.
- Why he responded negatively when England said he would get fat
- Why he hates cold weather
- Why he tried so hard to find other methods of weight lose

And in case you didn't know, at the end he dies because you destroy your throat when you throw up. You know how your stomach is filled with acid? And you throw up what's in your stomach? Some of the acid comes up to and slowly burns through your throat, which is why your throat burns when you throw up. So basically he had done it enough times and his body became so weak it destroyed his throat and got into his lungs.

I hope you all like this, this is my first creepypasta.


[EDIT] This has over 200 favorites?! You guy's are too kind to me ;-;

[2ND EDIT] :iconshadowstar1021: drew a picture of this :heart: THANK YOU!!!…

[3RD EDIT] This story has become so popular thank you everyone <333 DeadJosey on YouTube has done a narration of the story and you can read along!!! Hopefully it'll add to the dramaticness of it heh heh…
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Funny thing is, the same thing happened to my best friend. HIS NAME WAS ALFRED F. JONES.... and he looked just like America and he died a year before Hetalia came out...
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I read this story at night at around.. 12:00 P.M. and I just.. couldn't even hold back the tears. ;-;

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It's sad but it's so good 
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Never again I will read a Fandom - CP crossover thing...
This made me cry when I heard Deadjoseys CP........
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aww man...
poor america...
please, america, dont think about your weight like that...
you look beautiful the way you are...
just dont shovle food like that...
and dont throw it up on purpose either..
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I usually don't care about what happens to Alfred. But IM CRYING YAH BIOCH
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WolfRebellion Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
i love this weird kind of messed up theory but just point out two things

Alfred has bulimia nervosa. Bulimia is the act of forcing yourself to throw up after any ingestion of food before chemical digestion. Anorexia is just refusing and rejection of any food ingestion what-so-ever.

Also that burning-throat thing is called Ulcers, when the acids burn holes into the stomach lining and esophagus.

Though this doesn't affect the story, just some things, but other than that, i love it!! :la: i'm a sucker for creepy pasta theories and i love this one, and i love this story, even though it was heartbreakingly sad.
SereneDash Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you ^.^
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